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Robert Valmassoi - GitHubGitLab
New York City, NY


To obtain a full-time position as a Front-end developer with a focus on React


Purdue University, School of Mechanical Engineering Bachelor of Science in Mechanical Engineering August 2014

Certifications, Computer Software Engineering Received Front End Development, Data Visualization, and Back End Development Certifications February 2016 - June 2016, Computer Software Engineering Modern React with Redux, Advanced React and Redux, and Angular 2 with TypeScript Certifications May 2016 - August 2016


  • Proficient in JavaScript/TypeScript (ES6+), React@^16.9.0 (Hooks), Redux, Firebase/Firestore/Serverless Functions, Node.js, Unit Testing/TDD/Jest, jQuery, HTML, CSS/SASS, REST/Websockets, Responsive Web Design, Accessibility/a11y
  • Knowledge of Angular 2, Objective-C, Swift, Adobe Creative Cloud
  • Tools: macOS, Linux, Webpack, Git/GitHub/GitLab, Yarn/npm, ESLint, File generators, GCP/AWS, VS Code, Xcode, Figma/Zeplin, Jira/Asana, Slack

Work Experience

tZERO of Nov 2016 - Current

  • Senior Front-end Developer

    • Helped team meet tight deadline to launch world’s first publicly traded security on a blockchain
    • Led refactoring from jQuery single page app to React with Redux
    • Consistently delivered completed stories on time, in an Agile environment
    • Wrote maintainable, well-documented code with strong code coverage
    • Broadened developer skill set / blockchain knowledge through weekly lunch & learns and collaboration
  • Director of Blockchain Development

    • Led design and execution of crypto cold storage solution for company's Security Token Offering/capital raise
      • Documented the procedure for nontechnical executives, which secured $72mil+ of BTC and ETH by utilizing Shamir's Secret Sharing, Air Gapped Computer, Hierarchical Deterministic Hardware Wallet
      • Assisted CFO with liquidation on exchanges and OTC trades
    • Security Token Smart Contract design
      • Helped bridge the communication gap between software, business, and legal teams to brainstorm opportunities and limitations in order to define requirements
      • Named as inventor on a patent pending application for "Self-enforcing security token implementing smart-contract-based compliance rules consulting smart-contract-based global registry of investors"
  • Software Development Team Lead

    • Led onboarding and trading platform team of developers, dev ops, and QAs
    • Worked with PMs and designers on product direction
    • Re-architected the Securities Lending Platform from a view-only market data feed to have actionable order entry by reusing company's matching engine service. Used Firebase Functions, Firestore, and TypeScript for pub/sub, websockets, authentication, and as an edge service between the client and back-end micro-services
    • Managed code progression and deployments
    • Technical sales - drove demos of the whitelabel product to potential SaaS clients

Jade Labs, LLC, Owner/Developer Dec 2010 - Feb 2018

  • Founded company to give web presence to small businesses in multiple states
  • Wide range of duties and responsibilities, from website development to company management
  • Managed 25 interns under an annual internship program, employing international technology students
  • Negotiated $100,000+ in contracts for a custom mobile application that streamlined company’s workflow
  • Worked directly with clients throughout product builds, adjusting services to needs

Space Cash App, Designer/Developer Dec 2013 - Jan 2019

  • Sole developer of a 4.5/5 star rated bitcoin/altcoin price ticker application
  • First app to have over 100 cryptocurrencies, filling an untapped need in the industry
  • Successfully passed Apple’s App Store approval process
  • Continued to improve app, implement new features, and provide updates with SDK and API changes